FAQ: How Do I Hook Up Sound From My Cctv Dvr?


How do I connect my DVR to audio?

Connect MIC black wire with power –ve wire. Connect MIC green wire with RCA connecter core. Connect MIC black wire with RCA connecter ground. Now Connect Audio MIC with DVR, and then we must have to configure Audio setting in DVR to Bind Audio sound with camera Video.

Does DVR have audio?

Yes, the DVRs can record audio from one channel only. To do this, connect an amplified microphone to the mic jack on the back of the device and go to the settings page to activate the channel you want.

How do I connect my CCTV microphone?

It is easy to connect a mic by following these easy to follow steps:

  1. Connect the microphone to the RCA audio input on the camera’s pigtail using a RCA Male to RCA Male connector.
  2. For longer runs between the camera and microphone you can use an RCA cable with male ends to connect the input and output.

Why does CCTV have no sound?

There is a reason why most surveillance cameras lack audio. This is because it is illegal to record oral conversations. All thanks to the federal wiretap law. To sum up the law, it is a federal crime to record a conversation between two employees in places like a break room or the bathroom.

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Is it legal to record sound on CCTV?

In a newly revised CCTV code of practice the ICO said that sound recording is intrusive and unnecessary in most circumstances, and that the use of sound recording could undermine any public support there is for CCTV.

How do you know if a camera is recording audio?

Cameras with Built-in Microphone Inspect the body of the camera: If possible, examine the camera and look for a small hole, which indicates where the microphone is. The audio gets in from that hole, and that is one telling sign that it can record audio.

How do I enable DVR?

To turn on DVR, follow these steps:

  1. Go to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click Create Go live.
  3. Start a live stream now from the Stream tab or schedule a live stream from the Manage tab.
  4. From the stream dashboard, click Enable DVR.

How do I add a microphone to my DVR?

If you need to utilize a longer cable run for your microphone, you can use Coax cable with a BNC connection paired with an RCA adapter. Chances are, if you have a DVR, you have used RG59 Siamese Cable before when hooking up your security cameras. The good news is that you can also use this to hook up your microphones.

How do I get sound on my CCTV?


  1. Plug Red Power from Microphone into Male Power on Cable.
  2. Plug White Audio Plug from Mic into Male Audio on Cable.
  3. Plug Female Power on DVR side of cable into Power Adapter.
  4. Plug Power Adapter into Power Source.
  5. Plug Male Audio on cable into Audio Input (Or Audio In) on DVR.
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Is it illegal to record video and audio at work?

California is a two-party consent state to audio recordings, meaning consent is required from anyone who is being recorded. Without explicit consent from employees, employers cannot legally make audio recordings of them.

Does home CCTV have sound?

CCTV Systems with Audio Recording Wherever the camera is placed, you will receive live sound recordings. So, instead of watching a video with no sound, you now have the ability to watch in real time and with sound.

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