FAQ: What Is Line In On Cctv Camera?


Why is there Lines on my CCTV camera?

CAUSE: One of the main causes of horizontal lines in CCTV videos is light source coming in way of camera directly. If these are faced with extra bright light then the pixels get overwhelmed and the horizontal lines that you see are basically electrical interference of light sensor.

What is 1 line and 2 line IP camera?

In the economical line, 1 means EasyIP Lite, 2 means EasyIP 2.0 / 2.0 plus / 3.0 / 4.0.

What is line crossing?

” Line Crossing ” captures the movement of people or objects over a predetermined virtual line. ACTi’s uses advanced image processing algorithm to recognize the movement of people or objects over a predetermined virtual line. It can be used to detect people crossing over the fence or entering the restricted area.

What is line crossing detection?

Line crossing detection or intrusion detection is a function of your DVR, NVR or IP camera. What it does is instantly detect any motion in a certain “set”, set by you. It will send immediate alerts to your smart device directly from the DVR, NVR or IP camera.

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Does CCTV camera work without Internet?

Yes, they can! You can operate CCTV cameras without the internet, and what’s great is that they can even work without electricity. An internet connection is only required when the footage needs to be accessed remotely.

What causes ghosting on CCTV cameras?

Ghost on CCTV cameras can also be caused by slow shutter speed, high gain, high DNR, high DWDR and smoothing settings. Taking the noise reduction for example, the higher the noise reduction is, the worse the CCTV camera ghosting effect becomes.

What do Hikvision IP camera model numbers mean?

Odd number = dome/turret. Even number = box/bullet/cube/covert. A = bullet. C = cube/panda. D = pinhole.

What is EasyIP?

EasyIP 4.0 ColorVu cameras use warm, supplemental lighting to deliver bright color video images, even at night. With brighter, more colorful video, EasyIP 4.0 ColorVu cameras support protection against security breaches whenever they happen, day or night.

What is a Hikvision camera?

Hikvision is one of the largest manufacturers of CCTV surveillance cameras. Their IP cameras feature megapixel resolution, wide dynamic range, and remote zoom and auto-focus lenses. They have very large selections of megapixel IP cameras, ranging from economical dome IP cameras to high-performance PTZ cameras.

What causes crossed phone lines?

Re: Crossed line More than likely caused by a Battery Contact fault on the network, that is where the cable for your lines comes into contact with the cable with the person you can over hear. Normally caused by either corrosion of the insulation around the wire or water/moisture causing them to short together.

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What does dont cross the line mean?

to start behaving in an unacceptable way, for example by getting involved in something extreme or anti-social. The show’s pretty outrageous, but I don’t think it crosses the line.

What happens when you cross the equator?

It was a way for sailors to be tested for their seaworthiness. When a ship crosses the equator, King Neptune comes aboard to exercise authority over his domain and to judge charges brought against Pollywogs that they are only posing as sailors and haven’t paid proper homage to the god of the sea.

What is hikvision face detection?

Search by Face picture The Hikvision also let you search by any picture its database. If you have any picture you can search the database with it, Click face detection and on right hand side select search by picture.

What is dynamic analysis for motion?

Dynamic analysis puts markers on the live video where it detects motion to help you fine-tune your motion detect parameters. Day/night schedule tells it when to switch between the day profile and the night profile. This allows you to optimize the day image and night image separately.

What is intrusion detection hikvision?

Intrusion detection function detects people, vehicles or other objects which enter and loiter in a pre-defined virtual region, and some certain linked actions can be taken when the alarm is triggered. Steps: (1) Click Configuration>Event>Smart Event, Enter the Intrusion Detection settings interface.

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