Often asked: How To Use S9 To View Cctv?


How do I use camera mode on Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ – Common Camera Settings

  1. From a Home screen, tap Camera. (lower-right).
  2. For general camera settings, tap the Settings icon. (upper-left in portrait orientation).
  3. From the camera screen, swipe left or right to cycle through the available options (listed at the top of the display).

How do I access my camera on my Samsung phone?

There are two ways to launch the camera on your Galaxy smartphone. 1 Swipe up or down on the home screen to reveal your apps, then tap the Camera app to launch. 2 You can quickly open the camera from the lock screen in just one swipe. Swipe the Camera icon up to open the camera app.

Does S9 have wide angle camera?

How to take images with the Dual capture feature in Galaxy S9 | S9 +? Dual capture feature allows you to take a Live focus photo zoomed in on the subject and a photo with a wide angle background, all in one shot.

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What is the best camera setting for Samsung S9?

Front Camera

  1. Picture Size: Leave this on 4:3 (8.0 MP) to get the highest resolution selfies.
  2. Video Size: Set to QHD 2560 x 1440 for crisper, more detailed videos.
  3. Timer: Leave this set to Off.
  4. HDR (Rich Tone): Leave this set to Auto for best results.

How do I use the camera on this phone?

How to Take Pictures with an Android Phone

  1. Start the Camera app.
  2. Ensure that the camera mode is set to single shot. The Camera app shoots both still images and video.
  3. Point the camera at the subject.
  4. Touch the Shutter icon. The phone makes a noise when the picture is snapped.

How do I turn on my camera on my Android phone?

Tap Site Settings. Tap Microphone or Camera. Tap to turn the microphone or camera on or off. Allow.

How do I turn on my camera on my Samsung browser?

Samsung Web Browser

  1. Press Enable webcam.
  2. Press Allow to use the camera and microphone.
  3. Press Allow to record audio.
  4. Press Allow to take pictures and record video.
  5. Wait for your provider to start the call.

Does the Galaxy S9 plus have a wide-angle lens?

Like the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S9+ offers a pair of rear cameras — a 12-megapixel wide – angle lens paired with a 12-MP telephoto shooter.

Does the Galaxy S9 have a good camera?

It’s excellent as ever, but possibly not that big of an upgrade over the Samsung Galaxy S8. In bright light, the pictures from the Galaxy S9 are without equal in terms of clarity; there’s a sharpness, brightness and overall quality that still stuns when you learn it’s come from a smartphone camera.

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How can I make my S9 camera better?

Top Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Tips and Tricks

  1. Keep The Camera Lens Clean.
  2. Customize the camera shooting modes.
  3. Use the Camera Grid Lines.
  4. Tap to Activate Focus When Shooting at f/1.5.
  5. Shutter Button Zoom.
  6. Shooting in 960 fps Slow-mo – Super Hi Frame rate.
  7. Option.
  8. Edit.

How do I get live focus on S9?

There are two ways to use Live Focus in the S9+ — as you take a photo (In Camera) or after you take one (In Gallery). In Camera: Tap Camera App > tap LIVE FOCUS. Drag the background blur adjustment bar to the left or right to adjust the focus on your subject and background blur.

How do you zoom the camera on a Samsung Galaxy S9?

How to Use Optical Zoom on the Galaxy S9+

  1. Open the camera.
  2. Tap the 2x button in the bottom right of the viewfinder.
  3. Press the same button to return to the normal perspective.
  4. If you’d like to digitally zoom between 1x and 2x, or past 2x up to 10x, make an expanding motion with two fingers on the viewfinder.

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