Often asked: If A Cctv Camera Power Calls For 5.5v To 12vdc Which Do I Use?


Can I use a 12V DC power supply on a 5V?

The device will very likely burn out. In addition, depending on what the device is and the capacity of the 12V supply, connecting a 12V supply to a device rated 5V max could lead to a hazard – fire, explosion, etc.

What uses a 12V DC power supply?

All of the power supplies we sell are 12V DC. They take any input from 100V up to 220V AC, which is what comes out of your wall socket, and output 12V DC. This is what most digital devices such as LCD screens, DVD players, Hard Drives, Audio Gear, and most other digital devices use.

Are all 12V power supplies the same?

Voltage has to be an exact match (usually 12 Volt ). The Amp (A) rating (maximum draw) of the adapter you buy has to be the same or higher than the rating of the device you need to power. If your device says it need 12V 3A, then an adapter rated at 3A or higher (eg. 3.5A, 4A, 5A) would all work.

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What is DC 12V power supply?

12V power supplies (or 12VDC power supplies ) are one of the most common power supplies in use today. Linear regulated 12VDC power supplies regulate the output using a dissipative regulating circuit. They are extremely stable, have very low ripple, and have no switching frequencies to produce EMI.

What happens if I use the wrong voltage adapter?

If you’re lucky, nothing will happen, and no damage will occur. If you are unlucky, your device will be damaged. There’s a middle ground, too. Some laptops and other devices include polarity protection, which is essentially a fuse that burns out if you use the wrong polarity.

Can I use a 19V power supply on a 12V?

19V in general is too high for a 12V device. I wouldn’t recommend going any higher than 14–15V. Even if your device works for some time, it will likely get damaged after some time (it could be seconds, minutes, hours, days…).

What is the main function of a DC power supply?

DC – DC power supplies allow you to plug in electrical devices into car outlets or similar sources that supply direct current, or DC, power. These power supplies are not the most commonly used, though.

What are the 2 types of power supply?

There are two types of power supplies existed, AC and DC power supply. Based on the electrical device’s electric specifications it may use AC power or DC power.

What appliances run on 12V?

Appliances that plug into car cigarette lighter sockets can be used directly in your 12V system. These include but are not limited to: lights, mobile phone chargers, laptop chargers, kettles, cookers, fridges, TVs, DVD players, projectors.

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Can I use 12V 2A for 12V 0.5 A?

Yes, you can use a 12V 3A power adapter on 12V 1.5A device. You can also use a 12V 0.5A power adapter but the charging time will be three times longer. If you are a cautious person then you should use a manufacturer recommended power adapter.

Can I use a 1A charger for a 2A device?

So if you plug a 1A device into a 2A charger, it will still only draw 1A. If you plug a 2A device into a 1A charger, you will only get 1A. The device will charge more slowly (1/2 speed roughly) but everything will be fine. see less It is perfectly safe to plug a device that draws 1A into the 2A port and vice versa.

Can I use a 24V power supply on a 12V?

Going the other way – 24V LED strips on a 12V power supply You’ll need to purchase a transformer or voltage booster, or, more straightforwardly, a 24V power supply. The reason is that a 24V LED strip has 6 LEDs in series per group, and there is no way to “split” this to match a 12V power source.

How do I choose a DC power supply?

In order to select the right power supply there are some important basics to understand.

  1. Voltage Rating. If a device says it needs a particular voltage, then you have to assume it needs that voltage.
  2. Current Rating. Current is a bit different.
  3. Replacing Existing Supply.
  4. Advanced Concepts.

What is the difference between 12V AC and 12V DC?

12V DC is safer than 12V AC. Body resistance decreased when the 12V AC still may cause the dead, 12V DC will not be in 100%. However, the hazard degree of electric shock to the human body mainly depends on the size of the current passing through the human body and the length of the energization time.

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How do I make a 12V power supply?

Make 12v Power Supply Circuit Diagram:

  1. Take 4 Diodes and make a bridge, like diagram.
  2. Connect transformer output with diode, like diagram.
  3. Now connect 1000uf capacitor positive wire connect with positive wire and negative side connect with ground wire.
  4. and now connect 1k resistor and LED with positive and negative wire.

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