Question: 3mp Cctv Is How Many Pixels?


What resolution is 3MP?

3MP IP Security Cameras 3 Megapixel Security Cameras are network based surveillance cameras that provide video resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels over a digital signal using CAT5e/CAT6 cabling.

How many pixels is a CCTV camera?

Any resolution over 1 million pixels is considered ‘megapixel’. In the case of megapixel cameras, the labels are approximate. Most Popular CCTV Resolutions.

Term Pixels (W x H) Notes
1080p HD 1920 x 1080 1080p High Definition
3 MP 2048 x 1536 3 Megapixel
4 MP 2688 x 1520 4 Megapixel
5 MP 2592 x 1944 5 Megapixel


What does 3MP camera mean?

1MP = 1280 x 720 (AKA 720) 2MP = 1920 x 1080 (AKA 1080) 3MP = 2048 x 1536.

How many megapixels is a CCTV camera?

A higher number of pixels means more detail and larger images without blur or being grainy. Resolutions In CCTV cameras are often measured in Megapixels, which is just over one million pixels, 1,048,576 to be exact. Range of CCTV Camera Megapixels explained.

Megapixels Resolution
4MP 2560 x 1440
6MP 3072 x 2048
8MP 3840 x 2160
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Is 2048×1536 a good resolution?

720p video on a 2048×1536 screen will look slightly better than on a 1024×768 screen, because you’ll actually be able to see all the detail now. If you’ve ever loaded a high -quality 720p Blu-Ray rip onto your iPad you know it already looks fantastic. Quality 1080p video on a 9.7″ 2048×1536 screen will be jaw-dropping.

Is 5MP better than 1080p?

5MP Super HD security cameras, also known as 5MP security cameras, gain a resolution of 2560*1920. They are currently the mainstream in the security camera filed and deliver much clearer images than 1080p and 720p IP cameras.

Is 2MP camera good for CCTV?

Generally speaking, the 2MP CCTV camera is enough for general purpose monitoring of the front door, backyard, or indoors, as I put it before. And the 4MP or 5MP cameras have more advantages in capturing the details at a distance.

What is the best resolution for CCTV camera?

HD1080P is high enough resolution to get great images if the cameras are zoomed in properly. 4MP halves your storage time but only gives you a 40% “improvement” in the image. 4K theoretically doubles the quality of the image but needs 8x more hard drive space.

Is 5MP CCTV camera good?

The 5MP security cameras have better clarity than the low megapixel cameras, thanks to their improved resolution. For example, the 5MP IP camera is sure to be at least twice clearer than the 2MP (1080p) ones.

How many megapixels is good for a camera?

While professional photographers will likely want cameras of 20+ megapixels, a 12- megapixel camera will provide high-quality digital pictures and allow you to print every standard print size clearly.

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How many megapixels is good for a phone?

If you’re going to sell your photos or make large prints and posters, then even a phone camera with 12 or 16 megapixels or more will work well for you. But these days primary phone cameras generally have more megapixels than that. In my opinion, smartphones don’t need to have 40 or more megapixels.

How many megapixels is full HD?

Full HD, also known as FHD, is the resolution that’s currently most common among televisions, Blu-ray players, and video content. The image is 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high: a total of 2.07 megapixels. Full HD is also referred to as 1080i and 1080p.

Which is better IP camera or CCTV?

IP camera broadcasts video as a digital stream of data over an IP network to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) rather than a DVR. IP cameras offer higher resolution video and better picture quality than CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras offer lower resolution video and less picture quality than IP cameras.

Which MP CCTV camera is best?

Part 1: Megapixel IP Security Cameras Explained

Megapixel Cameras Resolution Camera Examples
1MP Security Cameras 1280*720
2 Megapixel Security Cameras 1920*1080 Reolink Argus 2
3 Megapixel Security Cameras 2304*1296 Reolink E1
4 Megapixel Security Cameras 2560*1440 RLC-410W

Which is best CCTV camera for home?

Best CCTV cameras for home in India

  • Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera.
  • TP-Link Tapo C200 Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home WiFi Camera.
  • Yi 87001 Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System.
  • TP-Link Tapo C100 1080p Full HD Indoor WiFi Security Camera.
  • Blurams Home Pro Security Camera.

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