Question: How Much Tec Trash Do You Get From Cctv?


What do you get tech trash from?

Tech Trash can be obtained by recycling Targeting Computers, CCTV Cameras, C4 & (50%) Holo sight/lasersight.

How much Hqm is tech trash?

Tech Trash details: Tech trash yields 20 scrap and 1 HQM per unit.

How much power does CCTV rust?

As expected, CCTV Cameras have health (150hp) and can be destroyed by either melee (3hp per Pickaxe swing) or gun fire (5hp per AK hit). You can also pick them up with a Hammer if you have building privilege. CCTV Cameras can still not be crafted, so you must find them in loot around the map (see list here).

Can you buy tech trash at Outpost?

If there is a large amount of scrap metal in your inventory, you can purchase automatic turret in your outpost (worth 750 scrap). Thus, you can get 5 units of microcircuits for 750 units of scrap metal, but with a 50% chance.

How much scrap does a rifle body give?

When placed in a Recycler, rifle bodies will yield: 2 High Quality Metal. 25 Scrap.

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What gives the most high quality metal rust?

The best way to farm high quality metal in rust is to by sprinklers for 15 scraps each and then recycle them to get 3 of the item. The Following weapons will yield high quality metal when recycled:

  • M92 Pistol ×13.
  • Thompson ×13.
  • Custom SMG ×10.
  • Flame Thrower ×8.
  • Pump Shotgun ×8.
  • Python Revolver ×5.
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol ×4.

What items give you the most scrap rust?

Where Can I Find Scrap? You can find scrap in barrels, crates, and military crates. Barrels, on average, give one to two scrap, boxes give five, and military crates give eight scrap. Elite military crates, which are found in monuments, can give up to 25 scrap!

Where do empty propane tanks rust?

The Empty Propane Tank is a crafting component that can be found in Barrels.

Where can I find CCTV rust?

It can be accessed by a Computer station given an ID for the camera set by pressing “E” on it after placing it onto the wall. Can be used in the crafting of an Auto Turret. This rare item can be found at Attack Heli copter crash sites, Airdrops and loot crates.

Can you move CCTV cameras in Rust?

With the March 2020 update, developer Facepunch Studios added functional Closed Circut Television Cameras to Rust. This move essentially allows players to access cameras hidden all over the map, as well as allows them to set up their own camera systems around their bases.

How does computer station work rust?

Once you’ve set your ID, just mount your Computer Station, type in the ID and then you can see your camera(s) after you’ve pressed enter. You’ll notice that when you use your Computer Station you can’t move your camera – that’s because you’ll need a hammer.

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What recycles into rope rust?

Rope is a crafting component that can only be found in Barrels. A recycler can be found in each of the possible harbors. It is located directly behind the first building on the left in the first harbor, and between the cranes in the other. Where do you get rope in Rust?

Item Category Chance
Electric Fuse Component 100 %
Tech Trash Component 100 %


Is there a recycler in Harbor?

A Recycler is located at the outskirts of the large harbor, as well as on the larger dock of the small harbor. There is also an Small Oil Refinery present at most harbor spawns.

Can you recycle blueprints rust?

Non- recyclable items can be placed in the Recycler. Examples include Diving Masks, Diving Tanks, Radiation Pills, Blueprints and raw materials. The Recycler can be used as a means of trading. However, it is less secure than using a Shop Front as you are not protected while transferring items into it.

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