Question: How To Set Up My Sannce Cctv?


How do I connect my Sannce CCTV to my phone?

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  1. Make sure the phone is connected to wifi. Note: The wifi needs to be 2.4GHz because the camera does not support the 5GHz wifi.
  2. Turn on the camera.
  3. Download APP Sannce Cam/Net Cam from Google Play or Apple Store. Run the APP and click Add device:

How do I connect to Sannce?

  1. Run the app Sannce Sight on your android phone and click Register to register an account by email or phone No. at first.
  2. Then please click the “+” icon to add the device.
  3. After you finish the information, pls click the “complete” button at the right top to save the config.

What app do I need for Sannce CCTV?

sannce smart is a professional security app for Sannce DVR.

Why is my Sannce camera not connecting?

Please press and hold the reset button on the camera for 30 seconds when the camera gets the power to reset the camera to have a try. 5. Make sure your wifi has a password. Please make sure the mobile phone is not connected to the 5GHz wifi because the camera cannot connect 5G HZ wifi.

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Are Sannce CCTV any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice DVR system for the price. It’s been working great so far, nice image quality and good playback tools. The cameras feel very light but function fine.

How do I watch Sannce CCTV online?

To access your Sannce camera, open a web browser and type: “” Where xxx is your public IP address and yyy is the Sannce IP camera web server port. You should now be presented with the Sannce Camera “Sign In” page. Enter your user name and password.

How do I find my Sannce verification code?

Please go to Platform Access, click ‘Enable’ and create a ” verification code ” by yourself. Please note the verification code must be set up, otherwise, the network status of the NVR can’t be online. When the Status is ‘Online’, this system can be accessed remotely via the APP.

How do I connect my Sannce to my computer?

Go to the Device Management tab of the software and choose Device under the Device Type list. If the device/system and the computer are on the same LAN, you can see the device information under the Online Device list. Select the device, click on Add to Client.

How do you set up a Sannce home?

Sannce Home – How to Configure the Setup Wizard of the DVR?

  1. Choose System Language.
  2. Activate the DVR.
  3. Input basic information.
  4. Set up the network.
  5. Set up phone access.
  6. Add IP cameras (optional).
  7. Check out storage.
  8. Set up Unlock Pattern (optional).

How do I connect my phone to Xmeye?

How to setup your CCTV on your Android Mobile

  1. Go to the Play Store and search for “ xmeye ”
  2. Install xmeye from the Play Store.
  3. Once installed, open xmeye, you will be shown a login screen.
  4. At the top right, click the plus button, to start adding your CCTV system.
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How do I connect my Sannce camera to the Internet?

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  1. Power on the camera.
  2. Connect the camera to the router by ethernet cable.
  3. Download app Sannce cam from google play store or apple store.
  4. Run app and tap add Tap search to find the camera.
  5. Go to wifi setting.
  6. Select the wifi and input password.
  7. The camera will reboot.

Why is my Floureon CCTV not working?

Check your camera’s video or data connection. Make sure they’re correctly plugged in and undamaged. If your camera is IP-enabled, make sure the network settings are correct. If it’s a wired camera, check the cable and the connectors for damage. Check any additional network or video equipment.

Why does my security camera say no link?

What does ” No Link ” Mean? If you aren’t getting a video feed from an ip camera, the first step you need to take is to bench test your camera. 90% of the time a camera that disconnects/ does not power, indicates a problem with the cable.

How do I fix the camera on my monitor?

How to Fix a Webcam Not Working

  1. Check your antivirus settings.
  2. Plug the webcam into a different computer.
  3. Check the device connection.
  4. Check the USB port.
  5. Make sure the correct device is enabled.
  6. Consult the manufacturer.
  7. Update the webcam drivers (Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7).

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