Question: What Channel Is Cctv On Directv?


What channel is CGTN on directv?

CGTN 2119 is on channel 2119.

What channel is 247 on directv?

What channel is TBS West HD on DIRECTV? TBS West HD is on channel 247.

What channel is 249 on directv?


Channel Channel number ULTIMATE
CNBC 355
CNBC World 357
CNN 202
Comedy TV HD 249


What channel is 278 on directv?

Discovery HD Live Stream | Watch Shows Online | DIRECTV.

Which channel is CGTN?

CGTN (TV channel)

Dish Network (USA) Channel 279
DirecTV (USA) Channel 2053 Channel 2119 (Cantonese feed)
Streaming media
CGTN Live Watch live


What are the Chinese channels on DirecTV?

The Mandarin Package Of DirecTV

  • CBO – Chinese TV Series Channel ( Channel No. 2057)
  • Jiangsu Satellite TV ( Channel No. 2054)
  • Charming China ( Channel No. 2055)
  • Phoenix NA TV ( Channel No. 2050)
  • CTI Zhong Tian ( Channel No. 2056)
  • Phoenix InfoNews ( Channel No. 2051)
  • CCTV-4 ( Channel No. 2052)
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What channel is ABC on DirecTV 2020?

What channel is ABC on DirecTV in California? ABC is available on channel 7 with DirecTV in California.

How do I watch TBS on Direct TV?

What channel is TBS?

  1. DirecTV: Channel 247.
  2. Dish Network: Channel 139.
  3. Spectrum: Varies by location (area code search)
  4. Xfinity: Varies by location (area code search)
  5. Verizon FiOS: Channel 552.
  6. AT&T: Varies by location (area code search)

What is on Direct TV now?

DirecTV NOW: Live A Little Guide & Channel List / Schedule. PAW PatrolPAW PatrolPAW PatrolPAW PatrolBlaze and the Monster MachinesBlaze and the Monster MachinesBlaze and the Monster MachinesBlue’s Clues & You!

What number is Fox channel on directv?

The channel number is 359—no matter which DIRECTV package it is i.e. ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE or PREMIER™.

What number is NBC on directv?

NBC is available on channel 7 with DirecTV in California.

Does directv have Court TV channel?

What channel is Justice Central HD on DIRECTV? Justice Central HD is on channel 383.

What channel is esp3 on directv?

It isn’t on DirecTV. It is a live streaming channel so you have to watch it on a computer or phone or tablet. As a DTV subscriber, you have access but it isn’t a satellite or cable channel.

What are my local channels on directv?

Local DIRECTV Service: TV for Your Town

  • Local Channels: KPHO, KSAZ, KPNX, KNXV, KUTP, KASW and more.
  • Local Channels: KFMB, KGTV, KNSD, KSWB, KFTR and more.
  • Local Channels: KTVU, KPIX, KGO, KQED, KNTV, KBCW and more.
  • Local Channels: KTLA, FOX 11, NBC 4, CBS 2, KFLA-LD and more.
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What channel is MTV on directv 2020?

What channel is MTV West HD on DIRECTV? MTV West HD is on channel 331.

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