Question: What Is Duel Vac Cctv?


What is enable dual VCA hikvision?

Purpose: Enabling the Dual – VCA function will send the VCA event information (e.g. intrusion. detection, line crossing detection, face detection, etc.)

What is VCA on CCTV?

Video content analysis, or VCA for short, refers to a camera’s ability to automatically analyze video footage to determine temporal and spatial events. Essentially, the technology does the work of a human operator and can detect when things are amiss in any way.

What does VCA mean hikvision?

Conventional surveillance systems provide certain detection features enabled by video content analysis ( VCA ), such as motion detection, line-crossing detection and intrusion detection, but, would simply compound all event detections, triggering frequent alarms when an object is detected.

What is VCA device?

Video Content Analysis ( VCA ) is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine events not based on just a single image. The algorithms can be implemented as software on general purpose machines, or can be embedded in the IP CCTV camera’s video processing units.

What is hikvision WDR?

Hikvision DS-2CE16D7T-IT Overview The 2MP WDR EXIR Bullet Camera from Hikvision utilizes a 2MP CMOS sensor and a 6mm fixed lens to capture full HD images. The camera supports a video frame rate of up to 30 fps and offers WDR of up to 120 dB for capturing images under varied lighting conditions.

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What is dynamic analysis for motion?

Dynamic analysis puts markers on the live video where it detects motion to help you fine-tune your motion detect parameters. Day/night schedule tells it when to switch between the day profile and the night profile. This allows you to optimize the day image and night image separately.

What is enhanced VCA mode?

Users can also opt for the Enhanced VCA mode, in which virtual line crossing and intrusion detection are available in four channels. It disables smart events in analog channels and limits the HDMI/VGA output resolution to 1080p. The mode can be activated only through direct access to the DVR’s menu.

What is a VCA in audio?

A VCA, or Voltage Controlled Amplifier, is an amplifier that varies its gain depending on a control voltage. In a mixer this applies to signal routing and channel strips. The purpose of a VCA is to allow you to turn up or down a group of faders while maintaining the relative levels throughout the group.

How do I use video analytics?

Video Analytics Applications Systems enabled with video analytics work on two key concepts: motion detection and pattern recognition. Motion Detection: By examining each pixel in the frame, the video analytics software is able to pick up even the slightest movement.

What is video tampering?

Video tampering is a process of malicious alteration of video content, so as to conceal an object, an event or change the meaning conveyed by the imagery in the video. Video tampering detection aims to find the traces of tampering and thereby evaluate the authenticity and integrity of the video file.

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What does higher sensitivity mean in Behaviour analysis configuration?

The higher the sensitivity, the more easily the alarm is triggered. For example, if the time threshold is set to 3, only when the target reaching the sensitivity last 3 seconds, the alarm will be trigged. The default time threshold is 0. (Line crossing do not have such parameter).

What is smart event in hikvision?

You can enable the smart event for the channels of a device, including audio exception detection, face detection, and intrusion detection, etc. Note: The supported event types of smart event vary according to different devices.

When did Analytics start?

Built on top of VMD, simple video analytics were introduced around 2000 and included height and width ratios, object speed and repetitive motion.

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