Readers ask: What Is Milestone Cctv Software?


What is milestone in CCTV?

Milestone version 3.1 of XProtect Corporate is powerful IP video management software designed for largescale, mission-critical security implementations, supporting unlimited cameras, users and sites. This makes the system interface easier to understand and navigate – especially for new users.

What is security milestone?

Milestone is one of Convergint’s most progressive and innovative technology partners that delivers quality security software. As a global leader in video surveillance and security software, Milestone developed innovative solutions like Xprotect to protect buildings, people, and assets.

How much does milestone cost?

Milestone Systems

ITEM# Vendor Name Price (US)
204159 Milestone Systems $222.88
339647 Milestone Systems $223.99
303557 Milestone Systems $233.91
303556 Milestone Systems $216.71


What is milestone XProtect smart client?

XProtect Smart Client is a powerful, easy-to-use viewing client application for a surveillance installation’s daily operations. It gives seamless access to live and recorded video, instant control of cameras and connected security devices, and a comprehensive overview of recordings.

What are examples of milestones?

Here are a few different examples of milestones:

  • Phases.
  • Communications.
  • Decisions.
  • Plans.
  • Designs.
  • Resources.
  • Processes.
  • Deliverables.
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How do you set a milestone?

How to Set Milestones

  1. Specific. Each milestone of the project should be scoped out, so that when you look at the milestone you know what is exactly required to reach it.
  2. Attainable & Timely.
  3. Progressive.
  4. Significant.
  5. Those are just four components of well- set milestones, keep reading for more >>

How do you use the word milestone?

Milestone Sentence Examples

  1. A milestone in a baby’s life is when they learn how to walk.
  2. Graduation is a huge milestone in a young adult’s life.
  3. Reaching the next milestone in success would require hours of hard work.
  4. The invention of the railroad was a milestone in the history of transportation.

Can a milestone be negative?

Theory of Negative Milestones It gives people the ability to sweep away everything that occurred prior to the event and see things in the current market with a little more clarity. It can also be a stressful period because, like most markets, buyers don’t like the unknown.

How do you define milestones?

The milestones should represent a clear sequence of events that incrementally build up until your project is complete. Project milestones are a way of knowing how the project is advancing, especially if you’re not familiar with the tasks being executed.

What is Milestone Husky?

Milestone Husky X2 Overview The Husky X2 Barebone NVR with 16-Port PoE+ Managed Switch from Milestone is a standalone and 2 RU NVR that supports up to 133 cameras with 556 Mb/s of continuous recording throughput. This NVR is equipped with one DVI, one HDMI, two GbE RJ45, and four USB 3.0 ports.

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How much is Milestone VMS?

That means that one Milestone Care Premium contract will cover XProtect VMS plus possible related XProtect add- on products and NVR products. A start-up fee (MCPR-START) is charged per each new end-customers signing up for the Milestone Care Premium service.

What is Milestone Care Plus?

Care Plus: Recurring product updates that make your product safer and more efficient and powerful. Full return on your initial XProtect investment if upgrading to a more advanced XProtect solution.

How do I use a smart client player?

Search in XProtect Smart Client – Player

  1. The timespan is set automatically based on the export timespan.
  2. Add the cameras that you want to search.
  3. Specify what to search for, for example Motion.
  4. Review the list of search results.
  5. Use the Thumbnail size slider to make the thumbnail images smaller or bigger.

What port does Milestone Smart Client use?

Milestone XProtect Corporate / Expert Ports

Port number Protocol Connections from
7563 TCP XProtect Smart Client, Management Client
8966 TCP Recording Server tray controller, local connection only.
11000 TCP Failover recording servers
65101 UDP Local connection only

How do I download milestone client from server?

On the management server, you can access the XProtect Download Manager from Windows’ Start menu, select Programs > Milestone > XProtect Download Manager.

  1. Download Manager’s default configuration.
  2. Download Manager’s standard installers (user)
  3. Add/publish Download Manager installer components.

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